Modern fashions see office environments moving to open plan, shared workspaces. Despite that, there is still the need for quiet areas, meeting spaces, and private conversations.

Glass interior partitions deliver the best of both worlds. Clear, clean and transparent, glass partitions nevertheless can shape and define spaces, provide acoustics barriers, and allow light to flow through buildings, all the while delivering the social, visual and environmental benefits of open plan spaces.

Glass can be tinted, clear, frosted or patterned with film, or logoed with your own brand.

A wide variety of aluminium glass partitioning framing is available, and can be powder-coated in a full range of colours to meet your design or brand needs.

Because glass partitions are structural elements, we guarantee that all Mintglass interior glass partitions are designed to meet or exceed New Zealand Building Standards and Glass Standards.

Toughened glass (a type of Safety glass also known as tempered glass) is significantly stronger than regular float glass, making it much harder to break, significantly reducing the risk of injury from a broken window or door. If toughened glass does break, rather than forming into sharp dagger like shards it fractures into tiny beaded particles which are far less likely to cause injury.