Did you know, you already know us?

There’s not much a Mintglass glazier doesn’t know. Formerly Smith & Smith, the business was bought, revamped and rebranded when it changed hands back in 2012.

The company is now owned and operated by the Metro Glass Group, publicly listed on the NZSX.  The team remains the same with a combined total of nearly 30 years working in the NZ glass industry.

A refreshing approach

We started trading as Mintglass in April 2014. What does all this mean for our customers? You still get the advice and expertise of New Zealand’s market leader in home and building glass. With established networks and systems, our aim is to build upon a great business and make it better.

Fundamental to our success is the calibre of our NZ Glass team. We wholly believe that it’s the glazier not the glass that makes the difference. That’s why we place such high importance on investing in our staff via on-going training, mentoring and apprenticeship programmes. On average a Mintglass glazier has 15 years of experience doing what they love doing, repairing, replacing and installing glass products.

The window experts - from 1875 to today
  • In 2012 Smith & Smith decided to sell the Building Glass business in order to focus on automotive glass
  • Building Glass Ltd (a highly experienced glazier group) purchased the business on the 1st December 2012 and continued to trade using the Smith & Smith brand until March 30th 2014
  • Mintglass was launched on the 1st April 2014